Pets on the Titanic

By: Julia Grashuis

Question 1: What animals were on the Titanic?

We all know that there were people on the Titanic, but what about the animals? There were multiple animals on the Titanic, including dogs, cats, roosters, and hens. There was an Airedale dog named Kitty, who was owned by John Jacob Astor, a Pekingese named Sun Yat-Sen, owned by Henry Sleeper Harper, and a French Bulldog, owned by Robert W. Daniel. Sadly, those dogs died along with the roosters and hens owned by Ella Holmes White. The ship's cat , Jenny, and her kittens perished along with countless other animals whose information was never found.

On a lighter note, there is a report of an animal that survived! Persistent and brave, Mrs. Elizabeth Rothschild owned a Pomeranian that was not allowed to get on one of the lifeboats. Mrs. Rothschild refused to leave without her beloved companion and the crew members finally gave in. Her persistence saved her little dog's life.

Question 2: Where did the animals of the Titanic stay on board?

Question 3: Did immigrants bring animals on the Titanic?

Immigrants brought livestock on the Titanic, for example, chickens! Immigrants brought them as prized possessions to the New World so they could use them for food and eggs. Instead of having the luxury that the first class animals got, the livestock were kept locked up behind bars. When the ship sank, the livestock perished along with their poor owners. Rich or poor, we will remember all of the animals that died on the Titanic.

The ship's cat, Jenny

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