Who discover America?

By:Ryan Yang

Who I think Discovered America.

I believe it was Columbus who discover it. I believe it was Columbus because an active we did was him being guilty of killing the native Americans. I also believe it was him because I hear a lot of people say it was him who discover him and I seen pictures and books. He also had two books that about his adventure one of the book is him telling they are almost there to the mysterious island and the other book is like a personal book about him saying like I don't know where we are I think we are lost and all the other kind of truth. I also believe it was him because if it he did not come it nobody would be here except the natives. Also why did he become famous without him discover American. This is why Columbus should earn credit for discovering America.

Someone else

I also believe that the Native Americans discovered America. I believe it was the Natives because it they when Columbus arrived he talked and fought some Native Americans. That means they were there first and Columbus killed some of them and took them prisoners. That is why now I believe what Samuel Eliot Morison said " Christopher Columbus was not the first one but he was the first guy from Spain. This is why the Native Americans deserve credit for discovering America.

Prince Madoc of Wales

Prince Madoc of Wales said there was a war with him and his brother for the Throne since their father died. He lost the war and travel somewhere else to start a new life. I believe him too becasue when he got there the Native help him and that means the Native Americas were their first but Prince Madoc was the first one from his country. His men that was with him fell in love with the Native and had Mandan. Mandan is White or Prince Madoc kind and Native. But now they are all dead becasue some Native was nice and the other killed them all.

Who I do not believe.

I believe that Bjarni Herjulfsson did not discover America. I mean looking for his dad and then blow off course for 2000 miles. I don't believe that could happen. Also he did not go out of his boat and explore so what is the proof that he discovered America it could be some random island.

Someone else I do not believe

Leif Ericsson. I don't believe it was him because he bought the stuff from Bjarni. That means he did not discover it because he took Bjarni stuff and went to the same place that Bjarni went. Also Bjarni was blown away 2000 miles and Bjarni did not know where we was and how could Leif Ericsson did the exact same steps and get at the same place. He could be in a different place.


I believe that Hoei-Shin did not discover America. Hoei-Shin said he was going to study the new found land. That means he did not discover it because he was going to study the NEW FOUND LAND it was already found. This is the one thing I don't believe him.

Brendon the Bold

I don't believe he discover America becasue he could have went somewhere else. Also what is the proof that he was there.