House for sale, Big Mansion

PRICE!!!!!!!!!!! : $ 400 000 000.00

This Mansion is for sale at May 1 all the way to July 1

This mansion has 6 wash rooms, 5 Huge bed rooms, 2 Kitchens, 2 Pools, 1 Big hot tub, 1 Basement, 1 Gym, 3 Tennis court and 2 Ponds.

Picture Of Rooms

Family Fitting

This is a house that is great for a big family and has 6 people in the family or less. If you are very sporty this mansion has a lot of sports. If you are a water person you will be great for it because it has 2 pools and a hot tub. If you like to gamble there is a casino down the road. There is a game room in the mansion just like playdium for kids. If you are one of those people in a family then this is the mansion for you.

This Mansion Is The Place To Be!

The Location

California MD Road Place