College Guidance Session

Welcome Judi Robinovitz

Welcome our new college guidance counselor

Judi Robinovitz studied at Harvard University, Rutgers University, and the University of Connecticut. She has started college guidance programs at private schools in Palm Beach and spends a great portion of her time visiting colleges and gaining first hand information to relay to her families.

We will be collecting information from each of the families shortly to give to Mrs. Robinovitz and she will be meeting with families to help determine the most suitable colleges and universities for each student based upon the needs of the student and her experiences.

Mrs. Robinovitz will start off with a kick-off which will be a 2.5 hour college session to go over with everyone:
* How colleges make decisions

· The application process

· Application essays

· Activity resume

· College visits

· Introduction to the Common App

· SAT & ACT testing calendar through senior year & effective preparation

· Financial aid resources

· The role of parents

· The process used by Conservatory Prep

After a light lunch to meet with families informally, she will have time to meet with our graduating senior and possibly 2-3 juniors. Please let us know if you are interested in a private session as this needs to be planned well in advance.

Our choice of dates will be Saturday, April 16th or Sunday, May 15th. Please let us know of your choice of dates and desire to participate.