The Holocaust: Kate Dicken


How did the US Soldiers come across these concentration camps?

On April 5, 1945, units from the American Fourth Armored Division of the Third Army were the first Americans to discover a camp with prisoners and corpses. Ohrdruf was a Buchenwald sub-camp, and of the 10,000 male slave inmates, many had been sent on death marches, shot in pits, or their corpses were stacked in the woods and burned. The Americans found the camp by accident – they did not set out to liberate camps, they happened upon them – and found starved, frail bodies of hundreds of prisoners who had managed to survive, as well as the corpses. In Nordhausen, on the 11th, the American Timberwolf Division found 3,000 corpses and 700 starving, ill, and war-wounded survivors who were slaves in the V-2 rocket factories.

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Did the U.S. government know about the concentration camps?

The U.S clearly did not know the extent of loss of life in concentration camps in Europe. (Zirin, West Stood By)

If the U.S really knew every detail about Hitler and his Final Solution they would have done everything in their power to stop the mass killings. Also if other U.S citizens knew they would try to rally and get FDR (Franklin Delano Roosevelt) to take action. If people did rally something would have been done. Regardless how FDR felt. His duty was to do what’s best for his country, and many others believe he did the best he could.

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What evidence is there to prove the US did not know?

If the people in the cities living right next to the camps did not know about the murderous actions of their leaders right outside their homes, I think it is safe to say that the rest of the world, the US included, did not know about these camps. If they had known, the Germans made sure to hide what was a "work-camp" from what truly was extermination camps. They even created "fake" concentration camps with nurses and playing children and healthy girls and boys running around, nice houses and ample amounts of food available so they could take pictures or show others how "well" they were treating these people when the Red-Cross + visited. No one knew what was going on, and if someone somewhere around the world had known, something would have been done to stop it.
Footprints: Discovering the Holocaust through Historical Artefacts

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