The Syrian Refugee Crisis

Facts and How You can Help

Did You Know?

  • The fifth year of Syria's civil war has displaced over 4 million people.
  • Syrian life expectancy has dropped over 20 years.
  • While they are being accepted into some countries, refugees face discrimination in the places they are going, such as Jordan. They are sometimes being forcibly deported.
  • At least 250,000 have been killed in the last four years of the civil war and around one million are injured. These battles often have no clear victory.
  • Families are often split up in the fight for safe haven, especially women and children.
  • It violates the Catholic Social Teaching value of Life and Dignity of the Human person since peoples' rights and God-given dignity are being taken away. They are not able to live to their fullest potential

How YOU Can get involved

Go to and email President Obama and Congress about the refugee crisis. Your message will be sent to Senator Isakson and Perdue, along with Congressional Representative Woodall.

  • The refugees are in need of protection and support from our country.
  • They need food, housing, clean water, clothes, blankets, and other basic nesessities along with psycho-social support and counseling due to their experiences in traumatic violence.

Video on The Refugee Crisis

Watch from 1:00-3:30 for information specifically about the refugees
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