How to prepare for a disaster

Are you prepared for a tornado?

Tornadoes are dangerous, and many people don't know how to prepare for them. Just follow these steps that have saved lives.

• During a storm, listen to the NOAA Weather radio or tune in to local news in case of a tornado warning.

• Always know your community's warning system because different communities have different ways of warning citizens about tornadoes.

• Chose a safe room in your home where people and pets can go during a tornado. It can be a basement, storm cellar or a room on the lowest floor of your house with no windows.

• Always practice tornado drills so everyone knows what to do if a tornado is approaching.

• Always reinforce your safe room. Plans for providing protection for your safe room are on the FEMA website.

• Prepare for high winds by removing damaged and diseased tree limbs.

• Secure lawn furniture, trash cans or anything that can be picked up by wind.

• Watch for tornado signs:

- Dark, greenish clouds

- Wall clouds (lowering of the base of a thunderstorm)

- Clouds of debris

- Large hail

- Funnel cloud (rotating base of a cloud)

- Roaring, train-like noise.

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