Forever -By- lampus18

Easy Things to do to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

Maybe at your house or at school you can ask to start a recycling system, if there already isn't one. At school we use tons of paper each day. If that paper gets thrown away in a normal garbage can it won't be reused. It will most likely go to a landfill. Get a green garbage can and start something, start recycling at school! We can change the earth one step at a time by reducing, reusing, and recycling!!!!!!

Recycle Paper

You use it at school everyday, it is white, and it is made of trees. Do you know what it is? Paper. Use both sides of the paper for now on. You are just wasting papaer if you get another piece if there is still a clean back. You can also buy notebook paper that has been recycled, it is all paper after all!!! Maybe instead of paper you can ask your teacher to use the board more. She can call you up to write down answers and then intead of a paper worksheet test you could use a computer. Instead of printing millions of papers at school and giving one to every kid in school which is about 600 papers you could put up notices on the school cafeteria board. The kids could then each et a piece of paper and write down the notices they need. That could save a lot of papers...think about it, the kids could go to lunch with each one piece of paper and copy down the notices they need. Now i would call that being earth friendly. If my school would do this we would save paper and earth!