Weekly News

Things are great in room 308!


Hi families! It was so good to be back together last week. We enjoyed our comfy day on Friday very much! In fact we were having so much fun I forgot to take a picture. We are working on meeting a new goal, which is 5 more "awesome things", which could be anything from using kind words with each other as a class, coming to the carpet quietly, following directions right away, showing some great teamwork, etc. Its a great way to practice setting and working toward goals!

100th day of school

Can you believe Monday, Jan 20th is our 100th day of school? Its a great day to do some fun activities centered around the number 100. One thing I have planned is making a 100 Day Snack Mix. Its a simple recipe, 10 each of 10 different snack items. If you are interested and able to help out, do you mind taking a look at the list below and letting me know if you'd like to send an item or two? None of the items need to be name brand, they can be store brand.

1 large bag m&ms

1 bag small pretzel twists

1 box froot loop type cereal

1 box cheez it type crackers

1 large bag raisins

1 bag mini marshmallows

1 bag gummi bears

1 bag chocolate chips

1 box cookie crisp type cereal

Thank you for helping out!

Snack Schedule

Monday Maci

Tuesday Carson

Wednesday Leah

Thursday Brentley

A peek at Valentines Day for you planners :)

The stores are already loaded with valentines items! We will have a small class valentine exchange. While we don't have a big party like we did for our fall parties (we will have another class party in the spring), we do exchange valentines and have some small activities. We celebrate this as a class only since we do small celebrations throughout the day, but you will have the opportunity to join us at our spring party.

In case you get to itching to pick out valentines soon, we have 16 in our class. Please have your child sign their own name to their valentines (a good way to do this is sign several a night). Your child doesn't need to address any valentines, this makes passing them out much easier :) Let me know if you have any questions!