DeDominicis Nation Team Recognition

November 2014

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Half way to Region & Area Bonus: Julie Parr & Anne Finn Pond!

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Sara Langley, Surprise AZ, sponsored by Katie DeDominicis

Kelley O'Rourke, Larkspur CA sponsored by Julie Parr

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Area Manager in Qualification!

Ashley Eklund, Larkspur CA sponsored by Leah Barrett

New District Managers:

Erica Lorie, San Francisco CA sponsored by Siofra Rice

Deanne Morton, Corte Madera CA sponsored by Laura Borri

Kate Kroft, Corte Madera CA sponsored by Janelle Meyers

Safieh Inman Windsor CA sponsored by Sara Langley

Dawn Vallin-Flores, Santa Clarita, CA; sponsored by Stephanie Madeiros

Jane Crowe, Hot Springs Village, AR; sponsored by Robyn Selva

Sarah O’Rourke, Saint Helena, CA sponsored by Kelley O’Rourke

Annikki Mahon, Napa, CA, sponsored by Sarah O’Rourke

Antoinette Freeman, Yountville, CA sponsored by Nikki Mahon

Beth Moore, Boston MA sponsored Sue Buckley

District Managers in Qualification!

Lauren Tierney, VA sponsored by Shannon Cook

Maria Rademaker, Chicago, IL sponsored by Leah Barrett

Theresa Duffy, Chicago, IL, sponsored by Leah Barrett

John Brayton, Des Plaines, IL, sponsored by Dawn O’Connor

Alison Heyman, Chicago, IL, sponsored by Ashley Dent

Denise Tosti, San Rafael, CA, sponsored by Lodmila Mirzad

Jenny Magill, DeKalb, IL Sponsored by Anne Pond

Andrea Czerwinski, Oswego, IL, sponsored by Dawn Donovan

Megan Bobbe, Neenah , WI, Sponsored by Britta Aulwes

Ashley French, Santa Cruz CA sponsored by Kate Kroft

Julie Kitchens, Santa Rosa CA sponsored Jessica Lamonto

Jessica Day, San Francisco CA sponsored by Natalia McNeil

Katherine Riley of Novato CA, sponsored by Sophia Osotio

Alyson White, Windsor CA sponsored by Kathy Bartels

Christina Runyan Windsor CA sponsored by Kathy Bartels

Elena McNeil, Windsor CA sponsored by Mimi McFadden

Nicole Forrester, Sausalito CA, sponsored by Katie DeDominicis

Miranda Morgan, Santa Rosa CA sponsored by Lyssa Jaye

Karen Wilson, Staten Island, NY, sp’d by Tara Vittoria

Kristyn Beyar, Hoboken, NJ sp’d by Tara Vittoria

Beth Oswald, Langhourne, PA, sp’d by Charissa Guido

Brittany Forziati, Old Bridge, NJ, sp’d by Jennifer DaCosta

Dawn O’Connor, Wheeling, IL, sponsored by Theresa Duffy

Sonya Panshir, Alameda, CA, sponsored by Lodmila Mirzad

Catherine Reaney, San Rafael, Sponsored by Leah McLean

Brita Vinje, London, UK, Sponsored by Kevin McLean

Katherine Riley of Novato CA, sp’d by Sophia Osotio

Sandy Marlin, San Diego, Sp'd by Jane (Elsie) Crowe

Laurie Fuquay, Yuma, AZ , sponsored by Vida Florez,

Dorothy Bustamante, SF CA, sponsored by Norene DePenaloza

Laurinda Cairncross, Valencia, CA, Sp'd by Dawn Vallin-Flores

Denise Huynh, Oakland, CA, Sponsored by Cynthia Chan,

Yvonne Devine Irizarry, Vallejo, CA, sponsored by Tiffany Tisen

Catherine Vorhees, Lemoore, Sponsored by Bridget Vorhees,

Pamella O’Connor, San Francisco, Sponsored by Leah McLean

Maggie Adams, Akron OH sponsored by Abby Arrizon

Fabiola Romero, Hayward CA sponsored by Abby Arrizon

Rochelle Lynam, Portland OR sponsored by Gina Pernini

District Manager Bonus:

Janelle Meyer

Kelley O'Rourke

Abby Arrizon

Gabriel Noble

Sara Langley

Betsy Kurczeski

Siofra Rice

Anne Finn Pond

Leah Barrett

Leah McLean

Robyn Selva

Stephanie Medeiros

Norene DePe aloza

Shannon Scott

Gina Pernini-Gordan

Area Manager Bonus:

Julia Parr

Anne Finn Pond

Leah McLean

Katie DeDominicis

Region Bonus:

Katie DeDominicis

AIT 2015 35th Anniversay Cruise!

Leah McLean

Katie DeDominicis

Sponsoring Superstars!

Top District Sponsoring:

Sara Langley: 16

Top District Sales:

Kelley O'Rourke

Top Area Sponsoring:

Anne Finn Pond: 20

Katie DeDominicis: 39

Top Area Sales:

Katie DeDominicis

Top Region Sponsoring:

Katie DeDominicis - 94

Top Region Sales:

Katie DeDominicis

Heather Chastain is coming to visit US!!

You will not want to miss this amazing opportunity to hear from Heather Chastain, Chief Sales Officer at Arbonne International! Please save the date for the DeDominicis Nation Celebration Consultant Training, Thursday December 11th 6pm The Spinnaker Sausalito CA.
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As I look back on this year, I am brought to tears of joy and gratitude. I am so thankful for each of you. Last December our team went into Nation Qualification. I was pregnant in my third trimester and had a moment of panic thinking "How can I possibly do this right now?" What I learned shortly after is that going Nation was not about me, it was about our team: the Consultants who are making a change in their lives and the lives of others. I didn't go Nation, we together became a Nation. I learned to give my fear over to God and trust in my faith that when the time was right it would happen. We completed Nation in May, exactly 2 years after I launched my business with Arbonne. Our lives have been blessed beyond measure.

If you have moments of panic, I hope you can let go of your fears and trust in your faith. By consistently following our system to build your business it will grow, and grow and grow. Let your excuses drive you, and be the very reasons for doing Arbonne. Our products are awesome, but what I absolutely LOVE is this business opportunity is a vehicle for you to achieve your goals and live out your dreams. Where will this vehicle it take you in 2015?

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season with your friends and family! I'm sending lots of love to all of you PURE HEARTS!


Katie xoxo

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