Come to our Anti-Bullying Fair

There will be food provided

The Fair will be Full of Fun!

There will be music, food, talks, and tents. We will have several surprise guests coming to perform and play music. There will be a wide variety of food. Some of talks are our professional speakers speaking about their experiences and how to avoid bullying. Our tents will include freebies, information, interactive activities, and much more.

Anti-Bullying Fair

Friday, Dec. 19th, 12pm

25 Maple Ave

Montclair, NJ


12:00pm: Doors open. Time to explore!

12-5pm: Tent exploration

12:30pm: Bethany and her experiences with bullying

1pm: The Musical Instrument Band performance

2pm: Preventing Bullying with Katrina Kat

3:30pm: Bullies talk with Elisa and Perry Flynn

4pm: Several guest musicians will have an exciting performance

5pm: Closing