Marco Polo

Jon Scieszka

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Plot Outline

Exposition: Setting:YMCA,Desert,China Characters,Sam,Fred,Joe,Marco Polo,Marco Polo's dad,Marco Polo's uncle,Kublai Khan,Ding Dong.

TE:I expected to find Sam and Fred hiding in the corner of the YMCA pool.

Rising Action:The book that can send people to the past .

TE:It send Joe,Sam,and Fred to the time when Marco Polo was exploring the world but Sam and Fred were lost until Marco Polo's dad and uncle found them in jail.

Climax:When Joe,Sam,and Fred went to Kublai Khan's palace to find the book or the blue book.

TE:Arrived in Kublai Khan palace for a huge feast but Ding Dong had stolen the book and Kublai Khan was mad.

Falling Action:Ding Dong had a plan to kill Kublai Khan Ding Dong was going to kill Fred with his wild cats but Fred grabbed a rock and threw it to Ding Dong and...missed.

Resolution:Before Ding Dong could say " Attack "behind Ding Dong a bush shook Ding Dong turned around for second a rock flew over the bush and hit Ding Dong on the head Ding Dong fell.

TE: Joe,Fred,and Sam went to Kublai's palace and told him that Ding Dong was going to kill him then Ding Dong got busted and Sam,Fred, and Joe returned to the YMCA pool.

by David


Man vs. Man Ding Dong wanted to kill Kublai Khan because Ding Dong wanted to rule Kublai's palace.

Antagonists and protagonists

Antagonist:Marco Polo,Joe,Sam,Fred all of these people saved Kublai Khan

Protagonist:Ding Dong this person tried to kill Kublai Khan

4 Facts

Marco's 1st trip was to Asia.

Marco was born in 1254.

Marco was born in Vince.

Marco married Donota Badoerin in 1300.

Marco Polo - Adventures in China part1