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samson tower

this is the tower were alfred kropp, and his uncle farell get a sword.

Alfred kropp's summary

He was taller than an average kid and fatter. We start were Afred has no mother and his dad left him when he was young. He lives with his uncle in a small apartment. When his uncle get a job offer to steel a sword from a person named Bernard Samson for a million dollors. After Uncle Farell and Alfred steel the sword Mr.Myers aka Mogart killed Uncle farell. Mr.Samson the guy that they took to take the sword from tells him that the sword is his. Mr.Samson goes to get the sword from mogart and mogart kills Mr.Samson and all of the protectors of the sword all but one, Bennacio. Then Bennaico takes kropp to a safe house,some group named AOD's (Agents Of Darkness) come and try to kill Kropp.

end of the book

Alfred and Bennacio find Mogart. Mogart decapitated Bennaico's head and Alfred got the sword. Mogart got Bennaico's daughter and threatened to kill her if Alfrend didn't give him the sword. Alfred stopped Mogart and Alfred went back to school.