Whats lost is always forgiven

My insider


Timing is always suppose to be perfect but reality is nothing goes as planned. Same for silly subjects. Learning and researching the topic of forgiveness has proven to me that I to am one to throw around the word I forgive often. What makes us so easily sorry? Good thoughts do. Personally I noticed a pattern on what is the exact process. Some take for granted people or even things in life but what we don't see is how much a simple sorry means to everyone and everything.


By the end of this project I realized how grateful I am to have picked such a touching topic or even book to read. Things that touch the heart change a person. I don't always notice how authors can put so much time and effort into a book just to capture a reader; but then again they do it because love and if they can risk a failure than I can believe in forgiveness. This theme has been a life lesson rather than a task.
Matthew West - Forgiveness (Lyrics)