Ms. Harris's Weekly Update

February 8th-12th

Upcoming Assessments and Assignments:

  • Wednesday: Science Quiz on Lesson 5 The Moon
  • Friday: Math Quiz on Converting Customary Length, Weight, and Capacity
  • Friday: Spelling Test
  • Friday: SS Quiz

Other Information:

  • A HUGE Thank You for all the wonderful cards, presents, snacks, and school supplies that were sent in last week for Teacher Appreciation Week! It means so very much, and I am very blessed! Thanks again!
  • Starting this week, students in my math block will have nightly math spiral review homework. It will only consist of 5 problems, but these problems will be a review of all the information we've covered so far. My hope is that by reviewing these concepts nightly, students can keep all they are learning fresh in their memories. We will check the five problems daily in class, so that I can answer any questions or concerns.
  • Students were given a moon calendar last week for extra credit in Science. Each night they are to record the phase of the moon using their own observations or the internet. These are due back March 1st.
  • We are finishing up our novel, "The Beasts of Olympus" this week. Students should have finished the novel and completed 6 of the choice board activities by Friday. They will turn those in for an ELA grade. Our next in-class novel, "Sign of the Beaver," will begin next week.