Community Supported Agriculture

By: Benjamin Oberlton

What Is The CSA????

The CSA is an organization in which people from a local community can support their local farmers. The organization requires of a CSA to give an upfront payment to their local farmer. This money then allows for a farmer to buy everything that he or she might need for the year. In exchange during the year members of the CSA can get various fruits vegetables, and for more money things such as meats and dairy products.

What are some benefits?

The CSA has allowed for lower income families to get food because of the CSA's ability to change prices to meet everyone's individual needs. These organizations have also allowed for people to put in extra money so that those that cannot afford food can receive what is necessary. The CSA also does not require pesticides or herbicides or preservatives due to the fact that it is produced locally. The CSA also allows for healthy eating since all foods are freshly grown.

Doesn't it look Appatizing???????????

Making food accessible to everyone one farm at a time.

Bringing us together.

The CSA often offers many services outside of simply providing food. When the food begins to be handed out, it is a place where the entire community can come together. The CSA also provides services that can teach people how to take care of livestock and to even grow their own food in order to share the CSA love!