Inca Architecture

By Sebastian Raymond


The Inca civilization were by far ahead of any other ancient civilization in the world during this time period. Many of the constructions that they made were made of stone. The Incas realized that stone would hold up much more than any other resource that anyone else used. They used stone to make many of their religious structures and homes. In fact, most of their City was made of stone. The Incas also used items like bronze to make things like religious artifacts.


Many Inca artifacts were made of more precious metals like bronze, gold, and copper. some were also made of marble to give off a glossy finish. Many of these artifacts were used as religious artifacts much like the cross is a religious artifact for Christians. Some of these artifacts were made to scare away Evil spirits that they believed to be roaming around. An example of one of these artifacts was the Atahualpa.


Many of the homes in the Inca Civilization were made of stone. the features inside a home were usually very bland. Much of the time, the inhabitants would have some sort of a homemade carpet and some tables inside their homes so that they would not be too uncomfortable with the stone walls and floors. The roofs were usually made of hay or straw or a mixture of both to keep rain and cold weather out.,d.eWE&psig=AFQjCNECF6pgt1loOk8712LWKGThjAhj1A&ust=1467599995081660