Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia

Shannah Byrnes, Olivia Gorom, Grace Krieger, and Sarah Fox

What is ALL?

ALL is a type of blood cancer that is typically associated with having more B lymphatic cells than T cells. B and T cells play active roles in preventing the body from infections and germs. They also destroy cells that have already become infected. More specifically, B cells help prevent germs from infecting the body while T cells destroy the infected cells.
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  • September is Leukemia Awareness Month
  • The color for the Leukemia awareness ribbon is orange
  • 6,020 new cases of ALL in the United States in 2014 (adults and children)
  • Average odds to acquire ALL is 1/750
  • There is a higher risk in whites to acquire this cancer rather than any other race
  • Potential risk is highest in children under the age of 5
  • Family history and exposure to radiation affect the risk of getting ALL as a child
  • Children with down syndrome are 20-50x more likely to acquire ALL
  • There is an 80% cure rate in children
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Treatment for Lymphocytic Leukemia varies. One can undergo chemo, chemo with stem cell transplant, radiation therapy, immunotherapy. Although treatment is necessary for proper recovery, the effects of treatment can take a toll on the patients body. Effects include fatigue, drop in blood cells, feeling and being sick, complete hair loss, sore mouth, mouth ulcers, and diarrhea. A bone marrow transplant is said to be one of the worst pains one could experience.

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