Mr. Judge's 2nd Grade Telegraph!!

3/9/15...Vol. 23

Greetings Everyone!!

Yes the weather is cold and wet, but I am confident for better weather soon! PLEASE be sure that seasonal appropriate clothing comes to school (long sleeves/some kind of jacket). I don't want 'anymore' kids to start getting sick (we had 2-3 out last week)!
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What's Happening This Week!

2nd grade has a lot to learn this week! For Science/Social Studies the focus will be on Goods & Services; Needs vs. Wants. Monday, 2nd grade will have an opportunity to share

'Face Time' with Senator Dale in neighborhood focusing on Producers and Consumers. For math, the class will be exploring symmetry using quilt blocks. For phonics, the class will practice forming plurals with words ending in an “F”(Leaf - Leaves). For spelling, Unit 20; place, well, such, here, take. In reading & writing, your children will work on synthesizing and Compare/Contrast stories from the classroom author study, Robert Munsch. PLEASE participate in BYOD! please download the app Nearpod.

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Math Practice!

Here are some of the math skills we will be working on this week. I've also included some additional links to reinforce these skills at home. I hope you find these helpful!
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*Problem 1 Place Value, Locating Points on a Number Line

*Problem 2 Place Value, Locating Points on a Number Line

*Problem 3 Adding 2-Digit Addition

*Problem 4 Differentiating Odd from Even Numbers

*Problem 5 Counting Money/Story Problems

*Problem 6 Counting Money

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Interested in Helping Our Classroom?

If you would like to come in and help the class please contact Amanda May at,

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Have A Great Week!!!

I am VERY grateful for everyone's help and support! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to e-mail, or call the school (512) 570-7200. I hope everyone has an AMAZING week ahead!!

Smiles, SCOTT :~)