Sophie Elisabeth Dervan


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First of all, I am not a fan of normal CVs. As you might have noticed! I am an Event Manager based in Surrey with a specialism in experiential events, event production and co ordination. For the past 7 years I have been touring the UK representing some of the UK's biggest brands, and all of this experience I believe has given me a skillset unmatched in the industry at the moment. The difference between me and a lot of the people I work with in this industry is simple. I put a great deal of care, thought and passion into every project I undertake, and running events in a fast paced environment for many years has given me the invaluable ability to think on my feet and get the job done exactly how you first imagined it. A sprinkle of Northern charm means I am very easy to work with, and consistently receive great feedback from clients and consumers. I also adore working in events, as you can see from my social media networks below!

Who am I?

Having come from a background of Musical Theatre Performance and Theatre and Hospitality Management, the importance of the theatre of the customer journey has never been far from my mind, and never is this more apparent in the world of Experiential Events. A campaign based in the world of ‘Brand To Hand’ may have been perfect for the market 10-15 years ago, but generating brand love in todays social media frenzy is always a challenge. A full time Event Manager and Presenter for the past 7 years, working on the ‘front line’ has given me unprecedented access to the the brand psychology – what works, why, how and for who. For me, the ever changing world of brand marketing supplies me with constant exciting, vibrant campaigns – eye catching, engaging and far away from the world of the humble flyer!
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Take a look at the video below to get an idea of how I work!

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If you have any questions, require references or just fancy a chat, do not hesitate to contact me.