Hawaii: To Be or Not to be Annexed

Right or Wrong?


The overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom on January 17, 1893 would not have been possible without the role of President Benjamin Harrison, President William McKinley, and Minister John L. Stevens.

Key Figures Involved in the Overthrow of Hawaii

Historical Significance

In 1897, Hawaii officially became a part of the United States Union due to the annexation that occurred in 1893. In order for the annexation to occur, it wouldn't be possible without President Grover Cleveland, President William Mckinley, and John L. Stevens. This topic was an example of the impact that Americans can have on other countries. When the first settlers came to Hawaii, they were welcomed by the Hawaiians. The Hawaiians revealed all of their traditions and parts of their culture. However, as the years went by, and more foreigners began to come to Hawaii, they slowly started to have power in the government. Soon all the power from the monarchy's were taken away, which caused the U.S. to play a role in Hawaiian Society. They influenced the writing, language, attire, and beliefs of the Hawaiians. From this project, the reader should take in information about people that were involved in the annexation and see whether the annexation was lawfully right. In this project, it describes the role of each person, President Cleveland, President Harrison, and Minister John L. Stevens. Each person had their own opinion on whether they supported the annexation. Also, this depicts some of the events that occurred to led up to the annexation, which gives the reader a better understanding about what happened.

Is Hawaii Legally and Lawfully a State of the Union?

Americans back then didn't see how it was bad to have the annexation, in their eyes they felt like they were helping and trying to take advantage to create a stronger

However, in my opinion, Hawaii is not legally and lawfully a state of the Union. To become a state, the state itself has to plead with Congress or create a document stating that it would like to become a union. But, the Americans back then didn't allow for Hawaii to do so themselves. Instead, they took Hawaii for themselves, and asked their own congress if they could make Hawaii a part of the Union. The Americans didn't legally ask the monarchy's to have permission to allow Hawaii to become a state. Basically what the Americans did was that they came to Hawaii, and because of its lavishing resources, the Americans chose to take Hawaii as it's own without any permission from anyone but themselves.

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Day of the Overthrow

The image above, was from the day of the annexation, which was on January 17, 1893. In the image, there is a huge crowd of Americans who are gathered at the Iolani Palace. During this event, the Hawaiian flag is being taken down from the Palace. Basically it shows how the United States had officially taken over Hawaii. Prior to this, Queen Liliokalani had surrendered to the United States, and it ended her reign as a monarchy. The overthrow was led by Sanford Dole and the Committee of Safety. After the annexation, Hawaii had become a part of the United states Union on July 4, 1894.