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Sclerotherapy is noninvasive

Things to Know About Noninvasive Treatment for Problem Leg Veins

Sclerotherapy is one medical treatment to eliminate relatively small Varicose Veins. Usually at least four separate treatments of 20 to 30 minutes will be needed for optimum results, but dramatic improvements are seen after one or two sessions. After the problem veins are gone, the body sends blood to other veins. There are so many veins in the legs that the malfunctioning blood vessels are not necessary for sufficient circulation.

About Problem Leg Veins

The disease typically doesn't start until middle age, but many younger adults are afflicted with the problem too. Blood pools in the calves because the valves that release blood back to the heart no longer work properly. Pregnant women may develop these veins mainly because of the fast weight gain that their legs now must carry around. The malfunctioning valves in the veins do not clear up after the baby is born.

About Sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy is noninvasive and is done right at a vein clinic Melbourne is known for. General anesthesia is not administered. The therapy involves injection of a solution that irritates and damages the diseased veins to the extent that they collapse and are absorbed by the body. The person sees the veins fading away from the surface of the skin and eventually disappearing after several sessions.

Cosmetic and Functional Treatment

Treatment at a varicose vein clinic is not just for cosmetic reasons, although this does greatly improve the appearance of the legs. Left untreated, the veins tend to get larger and more uncomfortable. Even small problem veins in the calves can cause a feeling of heaviness and aching when someone stands for any length of time. The problem worsens as the disease progresses. Those veins should not be ignored.

Preventing and Delaying Future Problems

People who have developed these veins at some point are very likely to have the problem occur again in the future. Although nobody really wants to wear compression stockings, doing so can help delay the onset of more problem veins. The person at least may consider wearing the stockings when they must sit or stand for several hours without much of a break. A long trip by automobile is an example.

In addition, walking is an excellent exercise for preventing future problems. A daily walk of a mile or so can do a great deal for this effort after sessions at a center such as Paras Clinic. Overweight individuals should do what they can to get closer to their optimum weight.