Merry and bright!

The work of ELL students at Hopkins, Brentmoor, + Fairfax

In October...

The ELL students at Hopkins, Brentmoor, and Fairfax Elementary have been working so hard and we wanted to share some of our best work with you!

We began October by reading THE DAY THE CRAYONS CAME HOME by Drew Daywalt. We then created our own letters to Miss D'Apice on Seesaw that were written from the point of view of bone of her junky crayons she left on the shelf.

We then listened to THE LITTLE SCARECROW BOY on edpuzzle and then created scarecrow stories of our own on Seesaw that we could leave comments on.

We ended the month of October by doing one of our favorite projects, THE MUFFALO MUMMY PROJECT. We read the book Where's my Mummy? Then we discussed the internal vs. external characteristics of the little baby mummy, wrote our own stories about mummies that we drew with the help of our friends at Muffalo Potato focusing on internal vs. external characteristics, and made our mummies come to life via Chatterpix! If you haven't seen it yet, be sure to watch our MUFFALO MUMMY PROJECT below!

In November...

We talked about 20 things people need to say more often and we learned about the tradition of Thanksgiving by watching a video on EdPuzzle with questions interspersed throughout to check for our comprehension. We try to use EdPuzzle at least once every two weeks to help us actively listen to our videos.

We began using Nearpod in November. We did a nearpod that Miss D'Apice created looking at basic Thanksgiving facts, and we started using weekly nearpods Miss D'Apice creates with our DSA spelling words. We even created DSA paint swatch turkeys to help us visually differentiate between the different spelling sorts we have!

We also read a series of books dealing with Thanksgiving and rated the books with a series of gobbles!

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In December...

Grades k through 2 worked on creating sketch to stretches for the Grinch while grades 3 through 5 worked on a collaborative Holidays Around the World google slides presentation.
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At Brentmoor...

About Miss D'Apice

Miss D'Apice is the ELL teacher at Hopkins, Brentmoor, and Fairfax Elementary!