Livonia Warriors FIRST Robotics

2832 GEAR UPdate

February 8, 2016

Stronghold Standard (Flag) First Draft

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Graphic Design Process

Creation of robot aesthetics is no different than the physical components of the robot itself. Team 2832’s Imagery team strives for every member’s voice to be heard. To accomplish this, collaborative brainstorming was initiated. Every student in Imagery drew a design of how they envisioned the standard (a game piece unique to this year’s challenge). Unique elements were pulled from each design and made into a composite sketch which represented everyone’s ideas. These elements included a castle shaped top to the standard, stain glass windows, and gears. Included is an initial composite sketch that was later traced digitally. The design process for Imagery is intended to be collaborative and democratic for everyone to be a part of it.

Lotus Derry, Franklin High School

Before the Season Started

Before our season kicks off, we hold a practice build, so the rookies (first years) can figure out how the build season will progress once we find out the game. This year, we used the 2006 game, Aim High, as our practice game. We didn’t build a robot, but through arguing, calculations, and voting, we decided on what design we would build if that was the game this year. In addition to doing a practice build, we also hold training seminars. Our most popular one, for the team, is the Java Programming class in which our mentors take time out of their summer to teach rookies, or anyone else on the team, to program. We also have mechanical certification seminars in which all of our team members, whether or not they’re rookies, are required to attend a safety lesson about all the machines and how to properly use them. In all of this training, mentoring, community service/impact, and practice, our team grows stronger; stronger in bonds, stronger in preparation, and, this year, the Livonia Warriors are ready for FIRST Stronghold.

Emma Farquharson, Stevenson High School