Patriot Update

September 18, 2016

Sonic Drinks for You


Need your help. Your friendly PTA Teacher Appreciation Committee lead, Jennifer Lane, is anxious to bless you with a Sonic drink. About 70% of you have filled in your drink choice. We need the other 30% to help us make it happen. Please go to the 2016-17 drink order form or stop by the back counter of the office and fill in your order request on the paper copy of the spreadsheet. Thanks all!

Be Aware...Brenda and Debbie are Out on Monday

FYI....there will be many times tomorrow when the front office will be operating as a one-armed paper hanger tomorrow.

Curriculum Night (APTT)

As is often the case with things we do for the first time, many of us are still wrapping our brains around the purpose of this year's Curriculum Night, the process, and the desired take away. I've added a few more videos to give you additional examples. Like any other model, some of what you see will resonate with you and some won't. There are commonalities in all of the videos shared with you over the past few Updates. Focus on the basic structure and common components.

The purpose of the APTT is communication and collaboration with parents in the education of their student. Provide parents with an understanding of the academic goals (reading and math) for the grade level, where their student is currently performing within the spectrum, and establish a goal for the student's growth. Share and model a couple of strategies parents can practice at home with their children to improve their academic skills.

I've added an optional progress check meeting to the calendar on Monday, immediately after dismissal. If you want to ask questions, hear what others are doing, or just need to talk through your team's plan, this would be a great time to do so. This is also the perfect time to let us know if you need any supplies for the meeting. We'll meet in room 102.

Maria Perades Explains APTT

UCEA Award

Academic Parent Teacher Teams (APTT)

What is APTT?

Example of a 1st Grade APTT Meeting

Academic Parent Teacher Teams (APTT) #2 Creighton School District, Phx. AZ


APTT Teacher and Parent Interviews

Heart at Work

Steve Vander Ark, you've got heart! - From a parent: I just wanted to tell you (Mr. V) that in the 3 weeks you had Lexi during summer school, you have inspired her to read a lot more than her whole year in kindergarten. Since being at summer school she has been sounding out words off of everything, words like kitchen, medium and library. She is so excited to read and she always had nice things to say about you. She even told me that you told a story about how when you were little you called flip flops, clickers! Thank you so much for helping her want to read!

Jami Johnson, you've got heart! - Jami has been so supportive. She is all ears when I have questions and gives great suggestions for working with students. She is so professional and patient and truly goes above and beyond for students and staff. Thank you Jami!

Wednesday, September 21 - College Colors Day

Wear your favorite college colors with jeans!

Mark your Calendar

Monday, September 16 - Meetings (If attending either of the meetings, you may wear jeans)

  • Code Red Team - by invitation; with Nurse Kristy at 3:20
  • Curriculum Night Planning/Progress Check - Optional - 3:30 in Room 102

Drumfit on Tuesday during Faculty Meeting

I hear this can be a fabulous workout so feel free to change into something comfy and sweat friendly. Let's be in the gym no later than 3:40.
DrumFIT at SHAPE Seattle

September 19 - Watch D.O.G Kick-Off Event

6:00 in the cafeteria

Preschool Patriots - September 23