Pancreatic Cancer

14% Survival Rate

Cancer of the Pancreas

After one of my dad's best friend's was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, stage III (6% survival rate), he fought it and eventually won after 2 years.

Symptoms of the cancer include:

rapid weight loss, lack of appetite, intense pain the lower back or lower abdomen, yellow skin and eyes, and fluid in the abdomen.

It often spreads really quickly, simply because the pancreas secretes so many things from it to the rest of the body.

Most pancreatic cancer begins in the cells that line the ducts of the pancreas.

Chemotherapy is usually the only treatment for this, and Mike often told us that the chemo he was undertaking was the worst part.

Diabetes, being overweight, family history, and smoking can all be risk factors for pancreatic cancer, but there is no known single cause.

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