Basketball Season

Game Day Information

Basketball Related Events

7th Grade cheerleaders will perform at all three of the 7th grade games listed. Any cheerleaders who makes the basketball team will be excused from the girls basketball games, and will only need to cheer at the boys games listed:

January 6th

January 20th

January 28th.

8th Grade cheerleaders will choose three or more of the five games listed to cheer.

January 11th

January 14th

January 21st

February 3rd

February 4th

If your cheerleader has a conflict with dates, she must meet with Coach Wallace to make other arrangements.

Performance Time & Pick-Up

Cheerleaders will eat team dinner after school and then perform at the B & A team games until 7:00PM. Please pick up your cheerleader by the Cafeteria door before 7:15PM.

Basketball Season Attire

Game Time uniform: Skirt, Shell, & Crop with white socks and cheer shoes.

Bow: All Thursday Games will be the Zebra Bow.

All Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday games will be the Purple Rhinestone bow.

Game Days (all cheerleaders wear to school): Cheer Warm-ups and white cheer t-shirt on Thursday game.

*If we purchase a Spirit Tee (long Sleeve), wear this with jeans for games on other days.

Team Dinners

During football season we collected $1,151.00 from the team ($6.00 per cheerleader, per game) and we were able to purchase team dinners for every week with $473.00 left over! :) We were able to purchase more food, and spend less by ordering meals through Costco and cooking in our crock pot! Yay!

This overage has been added to the cheerleading account and will be used to purchase team dinners for basketball season.

The basketball season menu will be posted closer to January.