She's The Man on the Twelfth Night

Compare and Contrast- By: Sofia Rangel

She's The Man

  • In the movie, the main character Viola is disguised as her older brother Sebastian in order to make the soccer team.
  • Viola receives soccer skills from Duke
  • Olivia got dumped by her boyfriend as heard in the beginning of the movie.
  • Malvolio is a tarantula in the movie.

The picture to the right is Viola being disguised as her brother throughout the movie, and this is her friend Paul helping her be transformed.

Twelth Knight

  • Andrew loves Olivia
  • Viola is disguised as Cezario
  • Viola receives a fortune
  • Olivia's brother passed away
  • Malvolio is Olivia's servant.
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Low Comedy- Laughing at People

In the movie Sebastian pulls down his pants to prove he's a boy to everyone. This is an example of Low Comedy because it is dirty.

In the play Sir Toby and Sir Andrew mistake Sebastian for Cesario/Viola and try to beat him up. "Now sir, have I met you again? There's for you!" (4, 1, 24) It makes us laugh because even though they're about to beat him up, Sebastian has no idea what's going on which makes the readers laugh. This is a form of slapstick in low comedy.

Comedy of Ideas

In She's the Man Viola mocks the debutante coordinator while eating and staring at Olivia because she is jealous of her.

In Twelfth Night Viola's wedding was postponed in a funny manner because she didn't have a change of clothes to wear.

Farce Comedy

In She's the Man, Viola has changed her identity to be her brother, many coincidences are applied as Monique and Malcolm figure out at the end of the movie that Sebastion is a girl.

Example: Malcolm: "I am convinced he's hiding something."

An example in Twelfth Night is when Sebastian and Viola are reunited for the first time after the ship wreck. This is when characters are controlled by a situation they seem to have no control over.

Comedy of Manners

In She's the Man Viola insults Sebastian's girlfriend as Sebastian and dumps her.

In Twelfth Night Viola disguises herself as a man (Cezario), so she doesn't look weak as a woman (her society).


  • Monique's last name is a character in the play, Valentine.
  • Malcolm's last name is used in the play, Feste.
  • The tarantula, Malvolio is the spiders name in this play.
  • In the movie Andrew is Duke's teammate/friend, in the play he is Duke's uncle.
  • They use the quote "Some are born great, some achieve greatness, some have greatness thrust upon them." in both movie and play.