Is technology replacing books? By: Caroline Bender

Archbishop Stepinac High School

Stepinacis has become one of the first high schools in the country to drop all textbooks and convert to a "digital library." When the students arrived at school on Monday they were instantly opening apps and websites on their laptops or tablets. Having instant access to all 40 texts in the Stepinac program, including instant access to all kinds of note taking, highlighting, and interactive features. In the past students and families had to pay around $700 hundred dollars in textbooks. Now you only have to pay about $150 to get full access to the digital library. One website will even grade papers! But there are some flaws what happens when their is no internet connection? Or your device runs out of batteries. says this about technology in classrooms.

Two hundred years ago, teachers still:

  1. Collaborated with students and other staff
  2. Communicated with students and parents
  3. Found and shared resources
  4. Managed student behavior
  5. Delivered direct content
  6. Built rich, performance-based assessments

We had good teachers before the explosion of technology, and we still have good teachers now.

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