Pollution is killing Sea Turtles

by Jaylen Latimer


Pollution from things not being properly thrown away are getting into oceans and affecting the sea turtles and what they eat which will eventually cause them to die.

Stop Polluting

When pollution contaminates and kills aquatic plant and animal life, it also destroys feeding habitats for sea turtles. Oil spills and urban runoff of chemicals and fertilizers all contribute to water pollution. An estimated 36% of all marine pollution from oil comes through drains and rivers from cities.

Plastic pollution ends up inside sea turtles

Decreasing and the killing of turtles

Education is important to solving marine pollution.

* Following local codes enforcing fertilizer bans near waterways;

* Using less chemical fertilizers, opting for natural compost instead;
* Buying organically produced food and products;
* Reducing oil consumption by carpooling, using public transportation or buy energy-efficient vehicles;
* Speaking out against off shore drilling;