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Podcasting in the Classroom


One of my passions in life is educational technology. This includes all aspects of it: Google Tools, web 2.0, Twitter chats, the whole kit and caboodle. The best part about this passion is that I can help educators insert items into their curriculum, which in turn, can further engage students and then raise scores and learning. However, one of the most underrated options for news is a podcast. These audio files are great for learning new technological pieces or for use in the classroom. Below I highlight a few podcasts that I really enjoy!

The Google Educast

Being somewhat of a Google-centric educator, I enjoy reading and learning about the tips and tricks G Suite for Education has to offer and how teachers can use them in the classroom. The interesting thing about The Google Educast podcast is that it brings in hosts from all over the world. This The international aspect of it makes it even more intriguing to learn about how educators from around the world are using Google apps.

The Tech Educator Podcast

This is my favorite podcast to date. Hosted by Jeff Bradbury, the Tech Educator Podcast is on teachercast.net each Sunday evening and discusses a wide variety of educational technology topics. The reason I like this so much is that it's a quick and easy listen, along with the varying the topics being enough to keep you interested. If you'd like to start with a seasoned podcast, I'd start with this one.

Google Teacher Tribe Podcast

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention a brand new podcast that has the potential to be a top-rated podcast in a very short time. This is the Google Teacher Tribe Podcast hosted by a friend of mine, Matt Miller, author of Ditch That Textbook and co-hosted by another great resource, Kasey Bell, a Google guru from Texas. The two episodes that have been recorded are easy listening and offer some tips that any educator can use.

The House of Ed Tech Podcast

The House of Ed Tech podcast, hosted by Chris Nesi offers a nice variety of educational topics. Everything from Google tips and tricks to web 2.0 tools, Chris and his co-hosts offer a plethora of information. What I really like about this podcast is the fact that not only are the new tools described, but ways teachers can utilize them in their classroom as well.

Podcasting in the Classroom

These are just a few of my favorite podcasts to listen to. I've packed enough into this newsletter, so in next week's Ed Tech Tips, I'll highlight various ways you can use podcasts in your classroom both from the teacher and student perspective. If you have other educational technology podcasts that you're a fan of, pass them along. I'm always looking for new episodes.

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