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September 15, 2014

3rd Grade Math

Students in third grade learned how patterns in addition can help us to add larger numbers. They are also learning the standard algorithm for addition. The good news is that we parents are very familiar with this method of adding! It is a different approach than what students learned in Everyday Math, so please practice regrouping with them at home. We are using manipulatives to practice these concepts and deepen understanding. Students are also working in flexible small groups to address any needed reteaching or extensions to skills as determined by formative assessment.

Please remind your students to bring all necessary materials to AT class. Homework, books, folder, and response journal are needed every day. Thank you for supporting them in their organizational growth!

4th grade math

Students in 4th grade analyzed DNA patterns this past week to solve a crime! A special thanks to Mrs.Porter for sharing her prior work experience with us as we learn about patterns in the world around us in addition to mathematical patterns! Next week we will finish up subtraction, attack some multi-step word problems, and have the Unit 1 district assessment on Friday. Please remind your student to bring all necessary materials to class. Thank you for supporting their organizational growth!

5th Grade Math

Students in 5th grade wrapped up Unit 1 this week and are now ready to move into our unit on multiplication and division. They are brainstorming ways in which multiplication and division are utilized through real world experiences. They will be determining what Real World Experience Project they will complete over the course of this Unit. They will have some time to work in AT math, but may also need to complete portions of the work at home. Talk with them this weekend about ideas we have generated so far. They will share final brainstorm ideas on Monday and begin project work by the end of the week.

They also learned an important mathematical practice this week from Pete the Cat!

AT Reading/English Language Arts

3rd Grade

3rd graders are continuing their study of character in literary text through Frindle, by Andrew Clements. They are thinking and talking about how Nick’s words, actions, and reactions reveal his character traits, motivations, and emotions. They also will begin discussing how Nick changes in response to events in the story. They may have asked you to purchase some new “frindles” for their own writing or handed you a “frindle” to sign their reading logs!

This week students will be creating their own new word to replace a commonly used word. Please look for this as homework one night next week, if they don’t finish in class. They will continue to have their reading logs and home reading to do. Please be sure they write some short response to their daily reading. It can be anything they are thinking in response to the reading, not only summary. Questions, connections to their own live or other texts, opinions about the book or what the characters are doing are just a few examples. The purpose is to help build their metacognitive processes. Reading logs are due on Fridays.

Please Note: Starting this week, 3rd grade reading students will attend AT Reading on Tuesdays through Fridays for 120 minutes per week. This change will allow them to be present in their homeroom classroom for launching their new story/skill and word study on Mondays. They will be receiving the same number of minutes each week as 4th and 5th graders in AT Reading after this adjustment. Reading is an extension to regular classroom reading instruction as it has been in the past.

4th Grade

Students in 4th grade have done some reflecting on their reading lives. They examined their reading logs to look for what they might reveal about themselves as readers. They determined what might be the next point of growth in their reading lives. Next week, we will dive a bit deeper into genre. Many students have a clear understanding of fiction and non-fiction; but are not clear about the many genre that exist in each category. They will be doing some goal setting related to expanding the genre that they read and also exploring how emotions and empathy are critical to deep comprehension…not just inferring the emotions of the characters, but noticing their own emotional responses as readers and the role that plays in higher level thinking about their texts. Please ask your student to share their reading logs with you and continue to jot down the at home/at school reading that they do.

5th Grade

Students in 5th grade ranked texts that they would like to read for small group reading instruction. All texts relate to the perseverance. Some texts are fiction, others are non-fiction, but all will lead to great conversations. Students will meet for the first time with their groups on Tuesday. They were excited about the titles we will be studying.

Jackie’s Nine: Jackie Robinson's Values to Live By

Small Steps: The Year I Got Polio

Running Out of Time

Al Capone Does My Shirts

Everest: Book One The Contest

Maniac Magee

Please note: 5th grade Reading will not meet on Thursday this week due to district AT teacher training. Students will plan what they should have read by the following Tuesday, during their first session. So, they will still have reading, thinking, and responding to do.

As always...Keep reading, writing, thinking, and communicating!

Mrs. Reetz

Striving to inspire the students of The Wheatlands Elementary School to think, learn, question, try, grow, listen, and understand something today that leads to a better tomorrow.