Shreya Mekala

Caloric Intake

Every morning, I drink a cup of milk which is about 100 calories. For lunch and dinner, I eat an average of 500 calories for each meal. In between lunch and dinner, I have two snacks. The smaller snack is around 150 calories. After I get home, I eat a larger snack which is usually around 300 calories. In total, I eat around 1,550 calories every day.

Eating Habits

I follow a regular meal plan which includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a couple of snacks in between the meals. In the morning, I usually just drink a cup of milk because I don't feel very hungry. For lunch, I either eat rice and some kind of Indian curry or the school lunch food. During e-time, I have my first snack of the day which is usually a mix of nuts, a granola bar, or crackers. After getting home, I have another snack which is usually a larger one. I either have a couple of slices of bread and peanut butter or a bagel with cream cheese. For dinner, I eat a [Indian] chapathi and some Indian curry. If I eat dinner a bit early, around 8 pm, I sometimes like to drink a smoothie which includes bananas, blueberries, and nuts.

Exercising Habits

Because I take a Physical Education class at school, I get in at least a little bit of exercise every weekday. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, we play some sort of fun game, while every Tuesday and Thursday, we participate in some sort of fitness activity, whether that be a mix of walking and running or fitness stations. I tend to burn a significant amount of calories on Tuesday and Thursday than I do on the other three days. On the weekends, I normally do not exercise (with the exception of a couple of times per month).

Screen-Time Habits

I use a lot of technology throughout the day. I use it at school for around 4-5 hours. When I get home, I use my laptop and iPad for around 5-6 hours to complete my homework and phone during the breaks in between study sessions. In total, I use a device for around 10 hours every day.

Sleeping Patterns

I normally sleep for 6-7 hours on a regular school night. On weekends, I tend to sleep around 10 hours. Recently, I have noticed that when I use a device right before going to bed, I have trouble falling asleep until 30 minutes to an hour later. This usually affects how I sleep and how much time I sleep each night.

How I Handle Stress

When I feel stressed, I always have a panic attack just thinking about the load of work that I have to do. My way to handle and cope with stress is by doing something that makes me happy because I like to distract my mind from all the work I have to do. This is usually something like eating chocolate, enjoying a nice drink, or watching some TV. (I usually procrastinate and do this for a bit too long.)


Exercising Habits

Problem: I would like to stay more physically active by making some changes to my exercising habits. I only get the needed amount of exercise on Tuesday and Thursday. On Monday, Wednesday, Friday, I get in some exercise but fail to stay physically active during the entire duration of time.

Solution: To solve this problem, I plan to do an additional thirty minutes of exercise at home on these three days.

Sleeping Patterns

Problem: When I use a device right before going to bed, I experience some trouble falling asleep.

Solution: To solve this problem, I plan to put away all technology at least 30 minutes before going to bed and reading a book instead.

How I Handle Stress

Problem: When I have a load of work to complete, I usually procrastinate to take my mind off of it. This is not a healthy habit.

Solution: To solve this problem, I plan to sit down and make a list of all the tasks I have to complete. Then, I will take that list and plan out when I will complete each task and allot a certain amount of time for it. This will calm me down and give me a sense of reassurance that I will eventually get all my wok done.



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