Dhole (Cuon Alpinus)

By:Max Mcbroom

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basic information and Habitat information on the Dhole

the meaning of Cuon Alpinus a fierce wild dog that lives in forests of the central and southeast Asia.they're endangered but they do still live in forests and dry jungles with being in the wild witch they are mostly found in. but some wild ones as pups and put in zoo's through out Asia and india region

Community Interactions

the dhole is dependent on deer and smaller animals. They mostly act and are like a wolf but a smaller version.with being hunted by tiger, leapords, and humans. But it has adapted to be more team helpful and hunt in packs and stay in packs so not a single member of this pack would be harmed.

dhole feeding Relationships

the dhole is an Carnivore because they can only eat meat because they can not move slugish because if they do the will get eaten by a tiger or leapored.

dhole pack hunting down deer

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human,dhole relationship

dhole have been hunted and poached for they're fur by humans.And when we go make more and more it puts the preadators into smaller area so then the dhole gets attacked more from bigger animals so they're population goes down rapidly.


the dhole Organism reproduces Sexually and it takes the male and female that the male jumps on the back of the female then goes until the job is done.then the female holds the embryoes and has a liter up to 6-8 pups in a regular liter.

EVOLUTION of the dhole

Animalia,Chordata,Mammalia,Carnivora,Canidae is the full to taxonomic name of the dhole. they're a few couple like the extinict japenese wolf and the that is still alive today the coyote. it has shrunk in size so it is faster and it has grouped up so they could go and become a more stable pack. wit more rounded ears so they can pick up more of what is around them and less fur so they can be not as hot in the hot sun


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