January Detox

Start the new year FRESH by ridding your body from toxins

The time to take care of yourself is now..............

Which of the following do you experience on a regular basis? (Check all that apply)*

Fatigue or Low Energy Levels Anxiety/high stress level Depression or mood swings

Sleepy, bloating or gassy after meals Brain fog, lack of concentration and/or poor memory Frequent headaches

Dissatisfied with your weight Digestive Irregularity No appetite

Heartburn/Indigestion/Acid Reflux Other digestive Issues Recurring fungal infections

Frequent congestions/colds/viruses Joint pain/stiffness Tight/knotted muscles

Sugar Cravings Trouble Sleeping Allergies (nasal congestion, post nasal drip, stuffy nose)

PMS/Menopause Symptoms Weak hair & nails None of the Above

Kick off to feeling good

Sunday, Jan. 25th, 7pm

335 W Elm St

East Rochester, NY

This is THE BEST plan you will find! Here are just 10 Reasons Why…

1. Help Rid your body of Toxins, including the top Allergenic and Addictive foods so you can know what foods affect you and how.

2. Balance your Blood Sugar so that you aren’t craving sugar, which also feeds candida (a yeast that is commonly overgrown in Americans).

3. Increase your Nutrient Intake and Absorption.

4. Decrease Acidity in your body that causes Inflammation, which is the root of Disease.

5. Decrease the Toxic load on your 5 main detoxifying organs: the skin, the lungs, the kidneys, the liver, and the colon.

6. Learn how to blend Health and Convenience in your busy life!

7. Finally make Sense of all of the health information out there and get the Tools you need to start a Healthier Life in a Simple & Doable way!

8. Learn how to Cook simple, tasty, and healthy Whole Food meals.

9. Get Accountability and Encouragement every step of the way.

10. Say goodbye to “dieting” and hello to a Healthy Lifestyle for years to come!

Contact Information

Call Marilyn (585) 435-9394

or email MarilynMcAvoy@yahoo.com

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Arbonne Independent Consultant ID# 14958416

There’s no better time than NOW to get healthier so that you can live your BEST life! I was intimidated myself by this plan a year ago, and now it is easy for me and has truly changed the way I eat and the way I feel. Please join contact me or join us for an online event from the comfort of your own home.