February Team Meeting & Training!

Friday, February 28th

Rock your Business in 2014!

Come & Bring a Teammate or Person interested in joining the business! Receive handouts with helpful information to help Maximize your earning potential w/ examples of real life events to really get you Rocking your Valentines Sales 10 Fold!!!

Receive the New Valentine Supplement!

Focusing & Goal setting! Getting to the Next Level & What you could be making!!! How to achieve this & more! Meet your team mates just like yourself in the 02 business! Meet Team mates/designers in your area! Its wonderful to have each other to depend on!

Valentine Team Meeting, Training & Giveaway w/ light refreshments!

Friday, Feb. 28th, 6:30pm

120 Tallapoosa Street

Alexander City, AL

Bring an appetizer/dish & join us for refreshments followed by a Team meeting & Training with crucial information to running a successful 02 home business! You do Not have to be on the Team to attend! All 02 Designers are Always welcome to attend! Will Host a small Giveaway too! Meeting to be held at the Alexander City Chamber of Commerce! RSVP Below!

RSVPs are enabled for this event.


6:30-7:15 Meet, Greet with Refreshments!

7:15-8:00 Training Sessions & Handouts!

Top 5 on our Team 1st Line highest PV for January!!! Way to Rock It Ladies!!!

Sarah Pinger $1943

Andrea & Caitlin Chavers $1042

Elizabeth Baxley $856

Jennifer & Holly Davis $810

April Whitehurst $491

Honorable Mention on 2nd & 3rd Lines!

Edie Jackson $1463

Shea Caithaml $867

Rebecca Brown $833

Megan & Joshua Burk $814

Melissa Pugh $763


Laura Sjogren $1866

Jennifer Gates $1440

Rebecca Dingas $1296

Luv Lima $1033

Jennifer Hudson $979

Hoot Hoot to Origami Owl giving all us ladies a Fun Unique way to make money & Be a part of Something so Owl-mazing! You are appreciated and Loved!

Jennifer & Cami Miller

The moto is being a Force for good & putting together these lockets truly have allowed us to be! When we sell Origami Owl we are not just selling Lockets! We are helping ladies who just stumbled upon us, some who have heavy burdens & needed someone to listen as they told their story! Some with lost love ones & needed a way to hold them dear! Some ladies looking for a way to make extra money & meet new friends! We are more than Jewelry Sellers! We are a Team! A team of ladies looking for a way to change our lives, helping others, making a difference even if its with just a sincere smile! Almost a year & a half later of loving/selling Origami Owl we have grew our business beyond our wildest dreams! And you can too! I am devoted as not only a friend to you but as a mentor to help guide you to running an easy & successful home business! Welcome to our Team Hoot for the Stars!!! Together we will all shoot for the Stars!