Child Labor

19th century Britain S.Campbell

Jobs held by children

  • children in the factories often swept the floors and cleaned the machines to keep the machines running like intended
  • Kids were often in charge of taking the spools already filled up by the machines and replacing them with new spools
  • Some kids were made to fix the machines because of their small hands they could tie the treads and replace parts
  • They were also used to put stuff in machines and switch out the punch cards used in the textile mills of the day
  • Right:KId working in factory-This kid is monitoring a machine in a factory as he stands on it

Hours, food, and working conditions

  • The hours of a child laborer during these times were pretty simply described as being from sun up til sun down
  • Food for these kids was sparse but avalible and was also not very high in value, it was normally soup, bread, and sometimes included some meat
  • The conditions were pretty bad as the kids often preformed their tasks wile the machine were running so injuries were comon, the kids were beaten and were often subject to other forms of abuse
  • The kids lives were completely dictated by the factories so they didnt live much of a childhood

Accidents that often happened

  • The scrape, cuts, and bruises were very comon for a child working in the factories
  • Some kids however delt with amputations and severd body parts
  • The kids that suffer these injuries were ofthen fired as they could no longer work as well andmake money
  • some "accidents" were caused by the factory supervisors during beating and what not
  • Left:factory kid missing leg- This boy was working in a factory when he suffered an injury that left him without his leg

Punishment that children faced

  • If a kid didnt work hard or was lazy they were often given severe punishments
  • The most comon was being beaten by a whip or whatever the supervisor had to beat you with
  • Some had their pays taken away for not working so they got no money at the end of the week
  • If you were bad enough you were fired

people against child labor

  • There were groups that were against child labor
  • Many were groups formed by women and they used themselves against their husbands
  • The government adventually passed a law that ban the use of child labor and made children go to public schools
  • This led to the end of the age of child labor and the age of information were kids live somewhat as they do today
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Girl works in sweat chop

  • This shows some of the horrible conditions kids worked in as this girl works in a sweat shop
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Women being whipped

  • This image shows the abuse that kids could suffer in the factories
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Women protest child labor

  • These women protest child labor in their city