Endangered Snow Leopard

Save This Unique Animal

Save The Snow Leopard

A snow leopard is a animal its population is very little there is about 100-500 left in the world The physical features are that it has sensitive lungs it also has a cool pattern on its skin,and it also has legs that stretch 30 feet!It also has paws that can prevent the snow leopard from sinking in the snow.The adaptations are it has wooly fur that can help it adapt to the coldness it also has a thick tail that can be wrapped around the body there paws can be like snow shoes!If you compare it to a mouse it is faster than a mouse a lot of mouses cant.The animal can be found in the Russian forest and also in the Chinese woods its popular there.It lives in the biome where its rocky,snowy,and sometimes mountain land. It is known as the frozen tundra or tundra.The animal is a carnivore it eats a Siberian tiger.Help us save the snow leopard it's being killed by hunters every day.The scientific name or genus is the panthera

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