Louis XIV of France

Yena Reyes

How was he able to...

Pacify and Subjugate his nobles

  • built versailles, and made the nobles live there
  • he gave them so much work to do, they never had enough time to plot a rebellion

To make more war

  • Completely altered the French army
  • War of Devolution

Centralize authority around themselves

  • worked from his home, and ALWAYS had a "possy" of nobles following him around
  • ruled without a Chief Minister

Make more money

  • brought France out of debt
  • employed very intelligent ministers during his reign

Dominate the cultural scene

  • Encouraged music, arts, science, and philosophy

Make religion work for them

  • Encouraged Catholicism, and persecuted Protestants
  • Believed he was given the right to rule by God, Himself
  • Children were taught by Catholics

Build something worthy of their glory

  • Built the best palace in Europe
  • Versailles
  • Extreme Absolutist