Animals and the Animal Welfare Act

Should all animals be protected by the Animal Welfare Act?

Illegal expirementaion

There are taxpayers who actually fund illegal experimentaion.

Most of the animal that are being tested on are not protected by the animal welfare act and if something bad happens to the animal then suing the experimentors wouldnt help because the animal isn't protected by the animal welfare act.

Exotic Animal Trading.

"Private collectors actively trade in exotic animals all over the United States in a vibrant and poorly regulated market."

There are people that illegally breed and trade exotic animals for "low" prices in an environment that is "vibrant". If something bad happens to the "pet" you can't do much because they are not covered by the AWA.

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This slow loris is getting their front teeth removed so they can be sold as pets. With this proccess of tooth removal, the animal can get a bad infection that can lead to death.

Animal that are not protected by the AWA.

"Donkey's are specifically excluded from the protection of the animal welfare act and are afforded no federal protection what so ever."

Donkeys aren't the only animals that have been excluded from the animal welfare act; Mice, rats, birds and fish are also excluded.

I don't see why they have been excluded. They are still animal and they probably still have families to be taking care of as well.

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Heres a picture of a rabbit that has been expiremented on. This rabbit was given the Driaze test and it's probably in pai by looking at the eye and the can be sensitive.

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