The Fox Who Wanted More

By Trinity Breeze

In a huge forest, a fox scoured the ground for food. He had not eaten in days and needed food. The fox searched day in and day out for food. Finally, the fox came across a bush that had berries. " Berries? I've been searching all day and night for food and all I can find is berries!?", the fox growled. " I don't want berries, I want a real meal." the fox grumbled. He kept looking for more ideal food. Finally the fox reached the edge of the forest. The fox was about to turn around when the smell of chicken caught his attention. The fox saw the back of a restaurant across the street in front of the forest. He quickly ran across the street and found fried chicken near the back of the building. He gobbled up the food and knew immediately that this was where he would be eating.

For months the Fox trotted across the street to the restaurant to get his fill. He knew that since it was summer, he would easily be able to find food in the forest, but the food from the restaurant was much better. The fox also knew that it was dangerous to go somewhere that people were, yet he didn't care. One day, the fox trotted across the street for his daily fill of the restaurant's delicious food. As he started eating he heard a door slam and saw an older man walk out the back door. The man was holding two trash bags and was heading towards the fox. The fox froze, not knowing what to do. As soon as the man saw the fox, he started hollering at him. The man swatted at the fox as the fox finally started to run towards the road. Finally, the fox made it back to the forest. As the fox started to sit down, his paw started to hurt. He realized when the man had swatted at him, he had not missed. He decided he should sleep it off and lied down for a nap. When the fox awoke, his paw still hurt. The only way he could walk was by limping. He knew he would never be able to return to the restaurant, and that he was to slow to catch any prey. The fox had to limp back to the bush with berries and eat the berries that he did not like. Be happy with what you have.

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