R+F Monthly News

With Amanda Kramme

Welcome and thank you!

Welcome to my first monthly update! I have decided to start a monthly informational letter to keep you all updated on news, product, promos, etc.! As always, if you ever have questions, please don't hesitate to get a hold of me, that's what I am here for!

First, I would like to give you all a shout out and thank you for supporting my fun side business! Because of your support, I have opened a monthly donation fund to World Vision to aide those who go hungry all over the world!
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What's with all the fuss??

Rising to the Top!

Have you heard?! Rodan and Fields is taking over the premium skincare market and rising to the top! Being in the direct selling market for 7 years, and currently only offered in two countries, Rodan and Fields is breaking records that no other companies are coming close to!

Here's what we accomplished in 2015, and you are part of that!

#2 premium skincare brand (#4 in 2014)

#1 anti-aging line

#1 acne line

626 million dollars in sales ($300 million in 2014)

Continues to be the fastest growing premium skincare brand (5 years straight)

R+F now has TWO patent approved items! Our Amp MD roller & Acute Care!

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Did you Know?

Did you know you're a Rodan and Fields V.I.P?!
That's right! Now here's something you may not know:

*You can receive 10% off and free shipping EVERY month. Simply update your cart and contact me to have corporate run your order! Please also use these instructions if you're ready for product before your ship date.

*Do your products ship on the 20th? Corporate designates the 20th as the auto-ship date for all PCs who order the first time on the 20th or later. That's A LOT of product. If your shipping time seems to be taking longer, simply contact me to push up the run date to your desired date. This may help speed up your shipping time!

*Not ready for product when your auto-ship is? Simply delay! When you are ready, update your cart to the products you desire prior to your next ship date.

Giving Back

Do you like Girls Nights? How about facials?
What if you could have a fun day or night with your girlfriends, earn free product, and pamper yourself, all while giving back to the charity of your choice?

Here's how it works:
Host an in-home or online party in May or June
I will do a quick R+F presentation (products & mini facials at in-home parties)
You earn free product with orders placed
I donate part of my commission to the charity of your choice!

Contact me today to schedule your date!

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Are You Glowing?

Are you achieving the results you wanted?

If the answer is not yet, remember, consistency is KEY! While some people will see results within a few weeks, others, like myself, may need a few months of consistent use to achieve our skin goal!

Is it time for another skin consultation?
You may notice your acne, sun damage, or rosacea has gone away or decreased. Or you want to incorporate something else into your skin care routine. So now what? Simple! Please contact me for a new skin consultation!

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Contact Me!

Did you know you can earn an even deeper discount?! For those who would like to learn more about what this business can do for you, please contact me! I am happy to provide information with no obligation!

Have a Fantastic May everyone! Cheers to sunshine and summertime!