Cell Amusement Park

Visit one of the best parks in the world!!!!!!

Amusement Park

Cell Amusement Park is finally open. It's loads of fun and we have a lot of games and rides. It is truly enjoyable. It's super safe and extremely wild. To know more about the Park please read below.



Commonly Asked Questions

From where does the energy to run the entire park come from?

It comes from the Mitochondria. It gives us the full energy required to run the Park. It is 'powerhouse' of the Park

How do you keep your park so clean?

We have the Lysosomes they clean our area with a special chemical substance, the enzymes. They do their job so well and that is the reason why are Park is clean.

Who really manages all the work?

The Nucleus is our head. It makes sure everything is done in order.In the center of the park we have the Information Center and that is where the Nucleus is.