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Week of April 11-15

Hello Friends!

Here is a weekly newsletter with important dates, activities , and school information. It is also how we will track behavior and other action plan data. Please read it weekly and include your classroom data. If you are behind on past weeks, please get caught up!

April 8

April 15

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Jaycee IS NOT HERE this week!

Week At a Glance




Thursday Night at the Museum


Looking Ahead

Please put the following dates on your calendars:

April 14 Leadership Night- we will need a lot of teachers there!

April 30 Comcast Cares Day- Come help our community make our school even better!

Please Read:

Please remember to hang your art work on the walls before Thursday.

Please check your Principal's Pride sheet and make sure you are getting to every student. If you still have a lot left, please start turning in multiple names at once. I want to be done with Principal's Pride by May 19th.

There is a Google doc with teacher sign-ups to help with Night at the Museum. Please sign on to that document if you are able to help. We will need plenty of volunteers. Thanks!

KEEP THE TECH ROOM LOCKED!!!!!! Your closet key will open it. Just remember that when you unlock it, immediately lock it again once its open.

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April Habit