Meet Those Who Teach at NGHE!

Featuring "Readiness in Science Exploration" (RISE) Teachers

Meg Green

Meg Green is one of those rare "right-brain/left-brain" people NGHE is so blessed to have as an instructor. Meg teaches both the "R.I.S.E." (Readiness in Science Exploration) class for middle schoolers as well as "Well Said!" Public Speaking class at NGHE.

Meg grew up with the passion of all things now referred to as STEM/STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math). She studied a variety of STEAM subjects in high school and college which led to an IT career where she consulted across multiple disciplines and industries. From consulting she went on to lead global learning for various consulting divisions within IBM.

She approaches education for our kids from a top down perspective - knowing what the business world looks like and how it is evolving. Meg believes in the power of learning through doing, and to retain what has been learned you need to continue to build upon a skill over time. She also believes in the concept of enabling our kids through the learning process to develop their own ideas and passions on how they can personally touch society through a positive impact.

Watching Meg in the classroom, it is clear that God has called her back to her passion of science and public speaking through teaching. Meg is very excited to have the opportunity to share her love of learning and exploration with our NGHE kids through both her science and public speaking classes.

Her calling to teach crosses other topics as well including leadership, kingdom building business, the times and seasons of God's calendar and finding your true identity for both individuals as well as organizations. Her professional work still includes coaching and consulting on the journey towards the whole person, training strategy, and operations strategy as well as facilitating innovation and creativity.

She and her son (Austin, 6th grade student at NGHE) are just beginning the journey of homeschooling and are excited to see all that God has planned to unfold for them as they move forward!

Mike Stafford

Michael Stafford currently teaches four classes at NGHE including “R.I.S.E. Junior” , “Game On!” (American and Euro Board Game Design), and both Geometry and Pre-Calculus for high school students. Because of his incredible versatility and skill sets, Mike is known as “Professor Mike the Wacky Scientist” (complete with his white lab coat), “Mike the Game Guy”, or “Mike the Math Guy” depending on the time of day at NGHE.

Mike graduated from Georgia Tech as an Information and Computer Science major and followed that up with a Master's Degree in Computer Science from Northwestern University in Evanston, IL. He worked for almost twenty years as a programmer, software developer, and “PC Whisperer" (as one supervisor put it) until he finally had to accept that he just didn't "fit in" in the corporate world. So, one somewhat major life change later, Mike is a math and science tutor, a substitute teacher in Forsyth and Fulton counties, and now a beloved teacher at NGHE!

The fact that Mike is teaching a board game design class is a tip-off that his hobby/passion is GAMES! His constantly growing collection of over 2,000 board, card, and miscellaneous games are almost always being played at the weekly game nights he hosts at the "Townhouse o' Fun", the Wednesday night youth meetings at church, or anywhere else he finds unsuspecting people he can turn into "gamers".

Mike has also designed several games of his own and has been an official “Play Tester" on a number of published games. Other interest include... writing and performing sketch comedy which he has done in college, at work conferences, and with youth groups (both his "Bad Samaritan" rap and his "Lost Episode of the Brady Bunch" can be found somewhere in dusty little corners of the Internet).

Mike also enjoys listening to audiobooks in his car (mysteries, thrillers, and non-fiction about science); and bird watching, which Mike says may sound boring (as he once thought) until you actually try it and spot a rose-breasted grosbeak on one of your feeders!

NGHE Class Dates [2015-2016]

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