By: Alaa AJ

What holidays does Colombia celebrate and how do they celebrate it?

Religious holidays are important in Colombia, La Seman Santa (the history holy week) is a favorite holiday among kids.Kids spent they week off school with their grandparents, aunts, uncles,and cousins.They relax and have special food.The nine days, Catholics read a special prayer.Everyone goes to parties filled with singing, dancing , fun, and fireworks.Instead of Santa Claus, they baby Jesus leaves gifts on Christmas.

What is the climate for Colombia and how does it affect its culture?

The weather is the same year-round with no distinct seasons, and only changes from lower to higher lands.The coasts are hot and humid.In the low area ,like Barranquilla, temperatures are usually in the 80s (27-32c). But in Bogota, which is about 8,000 (2,438m) higher, temperatures are in the 50s (10-15c).

What major economic resources in Colombia and what do Colombians use it for?

Many people farm for a living, bananas, sugarcane, and fresh wildflowers.Others mine emerald,natural gas, coal, iron, and coal.Oil is the beginning to overtake coffee as the country's main legal export.Because Colombians has so many trees, people also make wood product for a living.Unfortunately, some Colombians earn money by selling illegal drugs.Even with the country natural wealth, many Colombians don't earn money to provide for their family.

Where did Colombia gets its name from?

Bogota,Colombia got its name from the famous traveler Christopher Columbus. The name "Colombia" is derived from the last name of Christopher Columbus It was conceived by the Venezuelan revolutionary as a reference to all the New World, but especially to those under the Spanish and Portuguese rule. The name was later adopted by the republic of Colombia of 1819, formed out of the territories of the old of New Granada.In 1835, when Venezuela and Ecuador parted ways, the Cundinamarco region that remained became a new country – the Republic of Granada. In 1858 New Granada officially changed its name to the Granadine. confederation , then in 1863 the United States of Colombia, before finally adopting its present name – the Republic of Colombia – in 1886.To refer to this country, the Colombian government uses the terms Colombia and República de Colombia.
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