GRE Staff Newsletter

For the Week of January 27, 2019

Dear Team,

Brrrrrr! Winter is here for sure. Be sure you are a part of our GroupMe exchange to find out as early as possible if and when we delay or close this week. Wednesday and Thursday look to be fiercely cold so we will see what happens.

Several years ago I was in a meeting and we were discussing a frustrating topic. I don't remember the exact details but during the meeting a colleague said, "We must remember that perception is their reality". It has stayed with me ever since that meeting. This past week, this quote came to mind again when a student shared with their parent that, "their teacher is always on their phone." Of course the parent shared their concerns to which I replied that many of our teachers use their phones to take photos for Class Dojo or other tools for the classroom. The parent replied that they were confident that the teacher was focused on the students, but their child's perception was impacting their excitement about coming to school. As we talked I was picturing my own children who at times will tell me to put my phone away and be present with them. I decided to use this as a reality check for myself and wanted to pass it along for you to do the same. I know the power of technology, but let us be transparent with how we use it and what messages we send to not only our students, but to those we love the most.

Here's to a great week!


News to Share

1. Please help me in welcoming Lucy Rupert on Monday! She will be working closely with our ED SLC. She is joining us from BWE. Also, welcome to Ashley Smith who will be an additional tutor this year. She begins on Monday and will be shadowing Tiffany Watt before beginning groups on Wednesday. Also this week Julie Varughese will begin on Wednesday, taking over the Intervention groups while Sue begins her new adventure with our other SLC. Finally, Sarah Wytzka will be assisting at GRE on Mondays and Tuesdays moving forward. With all of this amazing support, we are completely out of space. Don't be surprised if you find us working at tables in the hallway or doubling up in offices. Teamwork makes the dreamwork...and we have one heck of a team!

2. I shared with PAC that part of the work that needs to be done prior to next school year and rolling out Responsive Classroom, is for us to align our school wide behavior expectations. Currently, the expectations are extremely different for things like hallway behavior, depending on which hallway you are in. I had planned to have a PBIS meeting to begin this work at our last PBIS meeting but that was cancelled due to a snow day. I'm going to try to hold it this Wednesday but the weather doesn't look to good for this one either. Therefore, I'm linking the behavior matrix here so that anyone can add some ideas. If we are able to meet Wednesday we will add/review the ideas. This will be reviewed by all staff at a future staff meeting.

3. As a reminder, February conferences are on the 21st and will be here before we know it. All Elementary's will be asking our teachers to fill out this letter for each family, indicating whether or not you feel like a conference is needed. We understand that this round of conferences may require more than 20 minutes per family. Please use your professional opinion to plan for the appropriate time for each conference. PTO will once again be hosting dinner from 5:20-6:00 PM. Please send home all conference letters on Friday, February 1st. If there are any conferences you need me to attend, please schedule those so I can make sure you get the support you need.

4. Another layer of support will be provided by Trevor, our Y club site Director. Beginning the first week of February, Trevor will work from 9:00-10:00 am on Fact Fluency with our struggling students. We will provide this intervention M-F for third and fourth graders right outside the classroom. During this intervention, Trevor will do a flashcard review and help students graph their progress. His intervention will last about 5-7 minutes per student. If you feel you have a student who would benefit from this intervention, please click here to submit their name and information. If you have questions, please see me.

Week at a Glance


*Eagle Extensions begin this week!!

Monday, Jan. 28- A Day; Happy Birthday Kelly Dixon!

Tuesday, Jan. 29- B Day; ALICE Barricade Drill at 2:00PM; Happy Birthday Patti Malone!

Wednesday, Jan. 30- C Day; Yoga at 4:15

Thursday, Jan. 31- D Day;

Friday, Feb. 1- A Day; Party Wagon!

Upcoming Important Dates:

Jan. 18-Feb. 1 Yearbook Sale

February 7 PTO Meeting 6:30pm

February 15 K-4 Valentine Parties

February 18 NO SCHOOL: President’s Day

February 21 P/T Conferences 4:00-8:00pm

February 22 Columbus Zoo Visit

Feb. 25-Mar. 1 Read Across America Week

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