By: Miracle Williams

Creating Oil Pollution

Oil pollution is caused by oil waste or oil spills getting dumped and drained into sewers or different bodies of water by tanks , oil trucks, etc.

Oil pollution can be on land or on sea and cause air pollution , water pollution and soil pollution. Oil spills can be controlled by chemical dispersion, combustion, mechanical containment, and adsorption. sometimes it takes a while for all the oil to clean up. One of the biggest Oil spill pollution is the Gulf War Oil spill which happened in 1991 over 800,000 oil was released Iraq forces dumped oil from the tanks into the Persian gulf. Oil spills are dangerous because they damage beaches , marshlands and other areas of the environment.


" Stop The Defeat , Never Release"

My Solution To Defeat

I think that people should not be able to carry large loads of oil without a license and people who just wants to damage things should be removed from here.