Alexis Cassell


Bullying is repeatedly being mean to a person. Bullying usually includes:

  • Teasing/taunting

  • Attacking someone by punching/slapping them or yelling mean things at them

  • Spreading rumors

  • Talking about hurting someone

  • Not including kids on purpose

Bullying is unkind, unwanted, and uncool. School should be safe not dangerous. Kids need to know they can go to school without being made fun of for their clothes, hair, shoes, or the way they look and that they can go without being put in a trashcan, pushed around, kicked, or punched.


Ways to prevent/stop Bullying:

Be an up stander not a bystander. When you see bullying stand up to the bully, it will make the person being bullied feel less vulnerable. If that doesn’t work tell an adult you can trust. Find out when and where bullying happens. Think about how you could help the person being bullied. Talk to your school’s principal about programs to stop bullying, you could give the students who see bullying and the students being bullied the courage to stand up against the bullies. You could write an article about bullying for your local newspaper and your school’s newspaper. You could also post something about bullying on Instagram, Facebook, or twitter.