Old Mexico

By: Keyerra Tuck

Our restaurant sells the best Queso around!

Our Queso is made from scratch with the right amount of flour and a hint of parmesan and 4 kinds of cheeses and spices and peppers all for that signature taste of greatness!

Breakfest Items

Our Fruits!

El Platano!




Our Beverages!!

Breakfast Beverage- El Jugo de manzana

Lunch Beverage- La Limonada

Dinner Beverage- El te helado

Lunch Items

El Sandwich de Jamon y Queso-$5.15

La Cebolla-$1.75

La mantequilla-$.50

La Galleta- $1.00

Dinner Items

La sopa de verduras-$2.75

El Bistec-$7.50

La Lechuga y Las Papas-$2.50

Las Pasteles-$2.80

El Queso-$.50

Las Fresas-$1.75